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3 Reasons Why a Surf Hat is the Perfect Hat for your Grommet!

Being a mom to young children often means wrangling with the never-ending hat dilemma. From tots who toss their hats aside with glee to the never-ending quest for the perfect fit, dealing with hats can be a source of endless frustration. Here are five reasons why a surf hat might be the perfect choice for dealing with hat drama.

1) The buckle

A buckle ensures a perfect fit and also means they can't throw it away and the wind can't blow it off either.

2) Sun Protection

Featuring an ultra wide brim and neck flap, surf hats provide superior protection to even a bucket hat.

3) Sizing adjuster

These grommets never stop growing! Some surf hats like the Wild Grom Kid's Surf an Adventure hat feature a sizing adjuster ensuring many years of use to come!

I hope this helps you next time you are faced with the important decision of which hat to select for your little one.

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